Five Most Expensive Watches

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We understand that a luxury watch is a valuable investment and those who opt to buy it requires equal consideration as well as a fair bit of knowledge about the best watches available in the market.
Here are some of the most valuable yet desirable watches with their details and specifications that can help you in choosing your favorite.


Personalized Gifts For Her

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Personalized gifts are a way to show your feelings and how much you care about someone. There is nothing better than receiving a gift that actually has your name on it or one that has personal meaning to you. Some would argue that giving is better than receiving and this is usually right. Let’s see what personalized gifts can we…


iPhone cases that will make you stand out in a crowd

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iGlowPhoneveing Definitely a stand out case when going to a party or out clubbing, this is one of the best iPhone cases you can have if you’re the outgoing type that likes to be noticed. A simple, classic case during the day, it turns into the main feature as soon as the sun goes down. Be it a bar or…

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How To Play The Piano With No Piano

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Have you ever played piano in the air or on your leg when listening to a good song? Do you like having the latest gadget and creating new songs? If the answers are yes, the perfect gadget for you is a nail instrument that works very similar to a piano. The idea is that you wear some plastic covers on…


USB Flash Drive Watch

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Watches are really important when it comes to telling time, of course. But what you didn’t know about watches is the fact that they can come with really cool functions that will make them important devices for those of us who like playing detective in real life. These watches come with a variety of functions, some have cameras, other have…


Must Have Cool Gadgets

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If you like knowing about the latest gadgets available, here are some that will look great in your house or as gifts for your friends. It is all about technology nowadays and the way we use it.   Having an old black and white picture on your desk with a worn out frame is no longer acceptable, not when you…


Cool iPhone Cases

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Trends can be seen everywhere, in makeup, tattoos, clothes, and even electronics, but what you probably overlooked was the fact that there are trends when it comes to your iPhone case. Sure, you can choose whatever you want, but why not get something that will also be considered cool this season? An important aspect when it comes to this is…


Personalized Badges

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Badges no longer represent something you used to be excited about as a kid, nor something you got for doing good deeds as a scout, they have established themselves as a trendy fashion accessory and are here to stay. So if the only badge you know is something you got at the last elections then you better freshen up you…


Tokyoflash Kisai Upload Watch

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When utility meets technology you get this cool gadget that will make you forget about any other watch you might own or have owned. The LCD always on display shows you the time in hours, minutes, seconds and hundredths of a second and with just a twist of the wrist you can easily read the time as this display works…


Panono Panoramic Camera

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The Panono Panoramic Camera is a real change in the way we perceive photography. A lot of huge tech companies have started making 360 degree photos a reality with the help of products like Google’s Photosphere, Photosynth from Microsoft or the iPhone’s Motrr Galileo robotic cradle. With the increasing computing power of smartphones these will surely become more popular and…


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