Tokyoflash Kisai Upload Watch

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When utility meets technology you get this cool gadget that will make you forget about any other watch you might own or have owned. The LCD always on display shows you the time in hours, minutes, seconds and hundredths of a second and with just a twist of the wrist you can easily read the time as this display works…


Panono Panoramic Camera

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The Panono Panoramic Camera is a real change in the way we perceive photography. A lot of huge tech companies have started making 360 degree photos a reality with the help of products like Google’s Photosphere, Photosynth from Microsoft or the iPhone’s Motrr Galileo robotic cradle. With the increasing computing power of smartphones these will surely become more popular and…


MiP Balancing Robot

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Forget about pets, get rid of your hamster cage and look to the future with MiP. This lovely gadget or companion, depending on how you like to call it is a fantastic gift, especially for the tech inclined. This high-tech little robot is more than a cute looking balancing act as its Android compatible system creates a fun companion to…


An Alternative To Jewelry

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Women and men alike wear jewelry and they like to look good. When you have an outfit without jewelry, it feels that something is missing and you can’t really enjoy your new outfit. When it comes to bling, only the most sparkling stones and rare metals will do and the prices go up every season. Personalized jewelry can truly cost…

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Gifts For a Hipster Friend

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With all these subcultures that start appearing, making sure that you please people with your gifts isn’t easy. Nowadays, there are all kinds of people but probably the most difficult to understand are hipsters. One should be attentive and careful whenever buying a gift for a hipster as there is a tendency for them not to approve what general people…


Personalizing Your Gifts No Matter The Occasion

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Almost every gift can be improved if you personalize it a bit. While this may imply some extra effort on your part, it will surely be worth it when you see the face of the recipient when you give them the gift. The main thing is that you need to find a store that provides such services. Once you do…


Online Shopping with Digital Natives

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The term “digital natives” refers to any person who has incorporated technology while growing up. According to specialists, this could be anyone born in the 80s and afterwards, but the true generation of digital natives online shoppers is represented today by those aged under 25 as they were the witnesses of the most relevant advances in this field. Consequently, they…

Mother Daughter Gifts

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Sometimes gifts seem better when we share them with somebody we love. Why not offer your mother a gift she can never refuse? A gift that also includes you and time spent with you. Here are some of the most unique gifts that you can offer your mother for her birthday. A day at the spa – this is probably…

Personalized Wedding Gifts

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The wedding represents the day when a couple commits to a life together and it is a great event for receiving gifts. Now, there are plenty of wedding gifts to choose from but just put that margarita maker aside and think about something a bit more personal. Gifts that show how much you thought about it and that you wanted…


Buying Gifts On Budget

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Money is short, but this doesn’t mean that we have to cut back on gifts during the holidays. Giving gifts is a tradition which makes everybody happy so it would be a shame to just throw it away. The best way to make sure that everyone is happy and at the same time not get into too much credit card…

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