How To Avoid Online Security Risks

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The picture of someone holding a card while in front of a computer has already became a part of our lives. Most of us have ordered something from an online store and while the experience might have been better or worse than going to an actual store, the online shopping phenomenon is growing at an alarming pace for the last few years so it is very likely that we will be doing even more of our shopping online in the near future.

While online shopping has a lot of advantages, the problem of payment security still seems to be a problem. Despite the big efforts made by online companies to guarantee that any information shared online remains secure, the risk of online fraud is very present. There are usually two main parts when doing online shopping, the customer and the store, both of which can be the problem when it comes to security.

The customer always has to make sure that the page is secure when entering personal and bank information online. The easiest way to see this is by looking at the address bar of your browser, this should have a https tag instead of the normal http; the s stands for secure and if you also look a bit to the left you should see the company that provides the security for that certain page. Some browsers also have a closed lock in the bottom right corner when displaying a secure webpage. Always avoid filling out pages that don’t have these security signs.

The privacy policies can vary from store to store and some may even share your personal information with a third party; this has to be mentioned on the website so make sure you read the security terms and agreements.

Other stores are just meant to scam customers into giving away their bank account information. If a store looks a bit shady and there is no information about it found online, it might be better to just avoid it. Online shopping is becoming more and more secure but there will always be a certain risk associated payment over the internet.

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