Piggyback Solar Powered Gadgetbag

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During the last years, people have become more and more environmentally conscious, especially since the first signs of global warming have appeared.  And this is the reason why numerous cool gadgets which are eco-friendly have appeared. And one such gadget is the Piggyback Solar Powered Gadgetbag. Well, the name might sound weird, but I assure you that this is a truly great gadget. With this you will be able to power up your gadgets while you are simply walking around the city.

The Piggyback Solar Powered Gadgetbag comes with fixable solar panels of 8’’x12’’ in size which can reach to an output of 1000mA at 5.6V via USB on a full sunny day. And if it gets a bit cloudy, do not worry, because you can still power up you gadgets by using of built-in battery pack of 800mAh Li Ion which functions as a buffer. Just simply attach the Piggyback Solar Powered Gadgetbag solar panels on your backpack with multiple straps and buckles and your favorite bag will become your new portable gadget charger.  The Piggyback Solar Powered Gadgetbag is the perfect solution to get more out of nature without using any more unnecessary resources.

You will be able to enjoy your favorite music while you going through town without needing to charge your devices 24/7. The Piggyback Solar Powered Gadgetbag is also a great gift for anyone who desires to make even the smallest eco-friendly gesture in a nice and stylish manner and who usually carries a multitude of gadgets around (don’t we all).

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