Night Owl – 1080P HD IR Night Vision Waterproof Spy Watch

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If you always wanted to be a detective and still like playing the detective from time to time, this is a pretty cool watch to have. On the other hand, if you really are a detective and you need a cool and stealth tool to do your job right, the Night Owl Night Vision Waterproof Spy Watch is surely a good solution to any practical problems you might encounter in your missions.

The cool thing about the Night Owl Spy Watch is the fact that it looks just like any other watch. Although the design shouldn’t matter much for a spy watch, we cannot fail to notice the great design this watch has, with its futuristic lines and great techy look. It comes with a black dial and a comfortable rubber strap. Nobody would ever suspect that it is a spy watch, but they would probably be impressed by your taste in fashion. The watch also features a great deal of cool options: it can be used as a recorder, as a video data gatherer with high resolution and let’s not forget that it has cool night vision recording for those times when you need to chase somebody at night. When we’re speaking about high definition we mean that you can record videos that have1920 x 1080 resolution with 30 fps also for night vision. It also uses an USB cable for quick transfer and you can take pictures with it. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS so there’s no need to worry about that.

If you need to transfer files, you just need to plug it in to any computer and you can also easily charge it like that. The videos are stored in .avi format with a video code of M-JPEG. Also, it has 16 GB memory so you will be able to record a lot with it. This is definitely the best tool for video camera surveillance no matter where you go or whatever the weather conditions are.

Make sure that you don’t spy anybody illegally and you can enjoy this wonderful gadget and even use it as your main way to record memories, a simple and comfortable way that you can carry with you.

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