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If you are trying to impress a girl or just buy something really cool and special for a lady friend, the following gifts will surely do the trick. These are some of the highest valued gifts that will impress a girl, no matter what her taste is.

There is absolutely no doubt that every girl loves makeup and what’s better than makeup itself? Makeup in a pretty box from fairy tales. The collection called The Book Of Shadows from Urban Decay will definitely give her a big smile. If she loves fairies and has a curious personality she will be ecstatic about this wonderful makeup set that is probably the coolest on the market in terms of design and quality.

If the girl you are trying to impress loves Japanese or tea, a heavy Japanese teapot and a set of cups is definitely cool and high quality. Although it might sound like a boring gift for some, especially men, a girl that loves tea secretly wishes to receive one of these beauties. Make sure that you get one that is handmade and has a lot of colorful designs on it.

If you want something that will live forever, a plant necklace is a really cool gift. It’s actually a small bottle with a small plant inside that you can wear around your neck. Eventually the plant will grow and she can take it out of the bottle and plant it somewhere. This is perfect if you want to give your girlfriend something that symbolizes undying love.

All girls secretly wish for Matryoshka dolls. There is something absolutely fascinating about dolls that decrease their size and can be put in one another. Also, the really small ones are incredibly cute and they make such a lovely decorating pieces. Impress her with a set of Matryoshka dolls and the little girl inside her will be extremely happy.

For somebody who loves perfumes there’s a special set that is both high quality and extremely cool. It is inspired by the book Das Parfum written by Patrick Süskind and contains 15 little perfume bottles that symbolize different aspects from the book. This is probably the perfect gift for a girl and she will be absolutely fascinated by this set of unusual fragrances.

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