Night Owl – 1080P HD IR Night Vision Waterproof Spy Watch

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If you always wanted to be a detective and still like playing the detective from time to time, this is a pretty cool watch to have. On the other hand, if you really are a detective and you need a cool and stealth tool to do your job right, the Night Owl Night Vision Waterproof Spy Watch is surely a good…


Piggyback Solar Powered Gadgetbag

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During the last years, people have become more and more environmentally conscious, especially since the first signs of global warming have appeared.  And this is the reason why numerous cool gadgets which are eco-friendly have appeared. And one such gadget is the Piggyback Solar Powered Gadgetbag. Well, the name might sound weird, but I assure you that this is a…

Cool Gifts For Your Geek Boyfriend

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Buying something for your geek boyfriend might prove difficult, especially since he probably already has all the cool gadgets in the world. But you need to think beyond that and buy something extremely cool and completely unexpected like the gifts bellow. Any geeky guy will be impressed by comic books. Most of them love comic books since they were children…


How To Play The Piano With No Piano

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Have you ever played piano in the air or on your leg when listening to a good song? Do you like having the latest gadget and creating new songs? If the answers are yes, the perfect gadget for you is a nail instrument that works very similar to a piano. The idea is that you wear some plastic covers on…


USB Flash Drive Watch

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Watches are really important when it comes to telling time, of course. But what you didn’t know about watches is the fact that they can come with really cool functions that will make them important devices for those of us who like playing detective in real life. These watches come with a variety of functions, some have cameras, other have…


Cool iPhone Cases

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Trends can be seen everywhere, in makeup, tattoos, clothes, and even electronics, but what you probably overlooked was the fact that there are trends when it comes to your iPhone case. Sure, you can choose whatever you want, but why not get something that will also be considered cool this season? An important aspect when it comes to this is…


Panono Panoramic Camera

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The Panono Panoramic Camera is a real change in the way we perceive photography. A lot of huge tech companies have started making 360 degree photos a reality with the help of products like Google’s Photosphere, Photosynth from Microsoft or the iPhone’s Motrr Galileo robotic cradle. With the increasing computing power of smartphones these will surely become more popular and…


MiP Balancing Robot

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Forget about pets, get rid of your hamster cage and look to the future with MiP. This lovely gadget or companion, depending on how you like to call it is a fantastic gift, especially for the tech inclined. This high-tech little robot is more than a cute looking balancing act as its Android compatible system creates a fun companion to…


Online Shopping with Digital Natives

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The term “digital natives” refers to any person who has incorporated technology while growing up. According to specialists, this could be anyone born in the 80s and afterwards, but the true generation of digital natives online shoppers is represented today by those aged under 25 as they were the witnesses of the most relevant advances in this field. Consequently, they…

Have Your Own Dancing Toy

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It can sometimes be difficult to think of a nice gift to buy for friends. You want it to be fun and new but you would also like it if it didn’t cost a big amount. A good gift or new gadget for someone also has to be something which they would want but they don’t yet have and this…


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