The Kapture – Audio Recording Wristband

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The Kapture Audio Recording Wristband can be your dream, or your nightmare. It can record some of the most delightful conversations but it can also record conversations where you might be in the wrong. However, it is quite a useful little gadget, especially if you are fighting with your wife and you are trying to analyze her illogical argument with examples. But besides domestic quarrels, it can be a pretty good gadget if you are a student and would like to slack off during seminars, don’t take notes, but retain all the information needed for your exam. Now you can do exactly that with The Kapture. And you can even record conversations you actually enjoy, conversations with great people you might not even meet again.

This gadget comes with a lot of perks: it is a water resistant wrist band with a silicone band that has a microphone inside, it also comes with a Bluetooth radio and an accelerometer. The great thing is the fact that everything you record, you can easily send to your phone with just a tap on the wristband. So whether you are a writer coming up with a cool scene for your next award winning novel or you simply got a girl’s phone number and can’t find a phone or something to write it down, The Kapture will easily help you. Also, the gadget can be a great way to record important information during meetings and classes, information that you might actually lose or forget unless you record it the minute you hear it. This is definitely one of those things that you help you achieve better grades, keep informed and probably make you look like a genius for knowing all that is talked near you and remembering all things. What people don’t know is that you have such a great help like The Kapture.

But besides all these wonderful features there’s something more that makes The Kapture so cool, the fact that it looks awesome. The wristband costs around $75 and that’s definitely not a high price to pay for all the great features you get along with this wonderful gadget.

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