USB Flash Drive Watch

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Watches are really important when it comes to telling time, of course. But what you didn’t know about watches is the fact that they can come with really cool functions that will make them important devices for those of us who like playing detective in real life. These watches come with a variety of functions, some have cameras, other have microphones. You can also use them in other purposes, like, for example, record your thoughts during the day or make sure that you remember certain things. It can be an incredibly versatile gift and it usually costs between 50 to even a few thousand dollars, for the most high tech professional models.

If you know somebody that would appreciate a type of detective gift, an USB Flash drive watch or a watch recorder is the perfect solution for them. You can get a really cool high quality watch that has several detective functions. It has flash memory so that you can easily keep your files secret. It also comes with a microphone that will definitely record every important detail of your investigation. The earphones will surely help you recap the information you managed to gather and the AC adaptor that will allow you to access your information from various sources. The internal rechargeable battery will definitely help you keep your watch alert all the time. All you need is to plug it in and it will last for a long time, enough for you to make your discoveries.

Whether you are buying this watch for a friend who is into detective work or you are actually buying it for somebody who likes cool gadget, it will definitely not disappoint anybody. You can even buy some other detective tools along with it and create a complete set of gadgets destined for detective work. It can be really easy to find a great gadget for somebody who really likes all this mystery solving idea.

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