Have Your Own Dancing Toy

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It can sometimes be difficult to think of a nice gift to buy for friends. You want it to be fun and new but you would also like it if it didn’t cost a big amount. A good gift or new gadget for someone also has to be something which they would want but they don’t yet have and this can be a bit tricky. Some think of gifts as something that the person receiving would not buy for themselves but something they would like.

Considering all these requirements and many other, there is but one gift idea that seems right and that is the toy that became a phenomenon online, My Keepon. If you aren’t yet familiar with this cool gadget, just do a quick search online, preferably in videos, and you will see why this cute little toy can make the perfect gift.

It is an interactive cute animal that can dance, bounce, chirp and beep. It can follow the music played on its microphone, which also acts as a support for the little thing, and it can also interact with your touches.

During dance mode, it will play a song and also dance to the beat in a style that will amaze you and your friends. You can easily choose the song you want him to dance on and an interesting thing is that it will never dance the same way twice, even if it is the same music. This makes it very fun and you can’t get bored with the little dancing bird.

In touch mode, it will act like a small pet thanks to the many sensors hidden underneath his soft skin. It will interact with your hands by moving or making sounds; he likes to be patted or tickled and he can even sneeze if you scratch his nose. There are some moods he can be in depending on how you treat him so he can be happy or annoyed, curious or sleepy. He is a fun little toy for all ages and this makes the My Keepon the perfect gift idea for when you just don’t know what to get.

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