Gifts For a Hipster Friend

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With all these subcultures that start appearing, making sure that you please people with your gifts isn’t easy. Nowadays, there are all kinds of people but probably the most difficult to understand are hipsters. One should be attentive and careful whenever buying a gift for a hipster as there is a tendency for them not to approve what general people approve. If you want to impress them, you should definitely get one of the gifts in our list.

A classic game console – if we think about hipsters we think about retro and they all love retro things. A classic looking game console can be easily bought from most gadget stores. There are even some gadgets that make a console game out of your iPhone or iPad so it should be easy obtaining one. They will absolutely love the idea and the fact that few people have it so you might hit the jackpot with this cool gift.

A signed band album – this is definitely a generic gift but it shouldn’t be any band. You will have to search for something really obscure but famous enough so that they heard of it. Bands like Peter Bjorn and John, Wavves, Nerves Junior, or Delta Spirit. These are obviously just a few of the bands they might like but remember that it can be quite difficult to obtain a signed album from them so be mentally prepared for that.

Sarcastic retro T-Shirt – if there is something that hipsters love is their sarcastic or retro T-shirts. Why not combine both? Make sure that it has some really witty messages and some references to retro pop culture, they will absolutely adore it.

Weird glasses and other colorful accessories – if we’re talking about hipsters whatever looks unusual will probably do. They also like combining a lot of color and wearing things that usually wouldn’t match together so you can go wild whenever trying to buy them a gift. The most important thing you need to remember is: the weirder the better. If you follow that last advice, you will surely buy them something they will wear with pride.

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