Cool Gadgets For Your Bike

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Seeing that the weather is starting to become ideal for some cycling, it may be time to catch up with some cool gadgets that will make the experience more fun. It is also important for the planet that more people start riding their bikes instead of driving everywhere; not to mention that it is a great way to stay in shape and maybe burn some of that extra fat.

Something as simple as small lights for your wheels can add a lot of safety and also style to your bike. They can be easily put on your spokes and turned on by a simple click. This gives you more protection during the night as cars are able to see you from a big distance. When traveling at the right speed, the lights will create a perfect colorful circle which looks very cool.

If you like cycling but you also like listening to live games, all you need is a wireless sports speaker that can easily fit on the bars. This will make sure that you don’t lose any of your favorite games and that you also stay in shape at the same time.

Sunglasses can be very important when riding because it prevents the sun from damaging your sight and it also protects your eyes from bugs. The new sunglasses are a bit different and they also come with a high quality camera that allows you to record whatever you see on the road. The videos are of very good quality due to the 3 MP camera and they can be accessed by USB. The sunglasses look pretty cool as well.

If you want to record your mountain biking experience from various angles, this set of gadgets will surely be useful. The micro Muvi cam coder can be attached to any surface and it will record digital video of your experience. The Extreme Sports Mounting Kit is perfect for filming from various angles to guarantee the best shot.

While some of these gadgets can encourage individuals to go a bit crazy, always put safety before anything else and make sure that you are wearing the necessary safety gear.

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