MiP Balancing Robot

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Forget about pets, get rid of your hamster cage and look to the future with MiP. This lovely gadget or companion, depending on how you like to call it is a fantastic gift, especially for the tech inclined.

This high-tech little robot is more than a cute looking balancing act as its Android compatible system creates a fun companion to play with. The MiP is ideal for human interaction boasting a series of games and special features that make it fun for both children and adults.

To direct the MiP you simply have to use hand gestures that the little robot will quickly follow. Forget about losing it as the lifelike gadget can track you better than a puppy. The MiP doesn’t just work when you’re around it. It interacts with its environment constantly roaming and learning how to best avoid obstacles. If you want a fun date, you can upload a song into the MiP’s app and take notes from its sleek and funky moves. If you think your child is not old enough to get a dog the MiP can be a fun replacement. It can do a series of tricks from clapping to swaying in all possible directions to sitting.

This fun gadget also boasts a wide array of games. Let your kids enjoy a game similar to hide and seek or simply load it with as many objects and try to not make it fall over. It can connect via bluetooth to your smartphone as well. This unlocks a huge amount of extra features through the use of its free app.

If you pair more than one MiP that’s when the fun really starts. Watch them interact with each other and the surrounding environment or dance, play and have fun. There is no better, more loyal pet to be had. The MiP is also an excellent gift for people of all ages.

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