iCADE Mobile – Gaming System for iPhone

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When it comes to mobile gaming the world isn’t quite used with all the gadgets out there since the technology hasn’t been around for so long. People are not yet used to regularly play games on their phone devices, probably also because they are not extremely easy to use. However, it seems to be growing really fast and there’s a high demand in gadgets that would enhance people’s gaming experience. The annoying thing about mobile gaming is the fact that the games are not very comfortable to play as people have to usually keep their fingers in unnatural positions and they might end up with pain if they play for too long. And how can one maintain their high score on a game if they get pain while playing it. The cool iCADE mobile controller is one of the most comfortable controllers you can ever get your hands on, providing you with a great gaming experience. It has the design of a classic controller which makes it also an amazing tool for playing retro games if you feel like a bit nostalgic and want to try one on your iPhone. And it’s also durable enough for any furious player who might think it’s a good idea to through it around or abuse the buttons. This way you can really make sure that you won’t abuse that precious iPhone as it just serves as a screen safely placed in distance from you when you happen to lose a game. It features a cool for way directional pad with four front facing action buttons and also four shoulder buttons, not to mention the fact that it comes with a rotating cradle that allows for landscape and portrait viewing.

The cool iCADE Mobile gadget will be compatible with about 100 games and apps and connects wirelessly through Bluetooth, with two axis directional pad and it is compatible with iPod Touch and iPhone. It comes with a quick start guide an iPod Touch insert and AA Batteries. So why not turn your gaming experience into something really special and make sure that you are getting the most of it.

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