Water Proof Nano-Fabric

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In a move that can change the way we perceive clothing Swiss researchers from the University of Zurich have developed a surface that is so hydrophobic that water can actually bounce off it. The new nano-fabric, which is basically a polyester fabric that has been coated with millions of small particles of silicone, has managed to withstand some harsh water based testing.

The surface resulted from the mix of silicone filaments with polyester is so water resistant that it can still be dry after being left in a bucket full of water for several weeks. The silicone nano-filaments are naturally hydrophobic preventing any form of moisture from being absorbed by the polyester material underneath them.

The application of the protective coat is quite simple with a silicone gas being released in a tank with the polyester material. The gas condenses onto the fibers completely insulating them from any form of liquid.

The new material can turn the clothing industry on its head offering water-proof suits or other types of casual clothing. It can also change the way we view performance sports as it will reduce water drag, creating better swimsuits for both professional athletes and casual divers or swimmers.

The best part of this new innovation is that the application procedure is so simple that it can theoretically work on any type of clothing. You could, in a not so distant future, be able to water proof any piece of clothing with the help of silicone gas. It can change the way we choose clothes, particularly in areas where humidity or heavy rains are a serious factor. It can also help certain industries like the fishing industry as well as have countless military uses, especially in sea orientated troops. A lot of manufacturing jobs and even the auto industry can also be improved by this new and exciting material.

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