The Cigarette Lighter Phone Case

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The iPhone seems to offer everything, there’s an app for any sort of interaction or service out there. Now, you can have something even better, if you are a smoker. The Cigarette Lighter iPhone Case brings a whole new level of functionality to your phone by adding a lighter option to it. The way it does this is through the safe heated metallic coil that acts just like a car lighter. It is able to light your cigarette without doing any actual damage to your phone, not to mention the fact that it looks extremely cool. The case also has a protective layer that has been placed over the phone to prevent any potential burn or phone damage, so even if you keep the flame on for an extended period of time, there will be no damage to your iPhone. Besides that you will also find a childproof safety that will allow for easy operation but also prevent the case from lighting itself accidentally. This series of protection measures is what makes this case unique and very safe for any kind of environment. Obviously, the case is made from polycarbonate plastic which itself protects the phone from heat so there’s even more reason not to worry.

Some of the perks you will find on this iPhone case are: a built in USB port that will allow you to easily recharge the phone from either a power adapter or from your PC. The case also has a light that will indicate the charge level. Besides that, the Cigarette Lighter iPhone Case has a built in battery that uses very low voltage.

A great gift for a friend who smokes or a nice enhancement to your phone if you are a smoker yourself, this interesting gadget is definitely a conversation starter not to mention the fact that the case itself looks extremely cool.

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