Rovio Makes the Pigs Fly

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After its huge success with Angry Birds, the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment launched on September 27th a new addictive game, called Bad Piggies. This product already available on iOS, Android and Mac platforms and for which Windows and Windows Phone versions will be issued in the future brings a change of perspective. As Mikael Hed, Rovio’s CEO put it, Bad Piggies enables players to see the world through the eyes of the birds’ cute enemies.

Indeed, the small green creatures are no longer the villains that used to steal the birds’ eggs. This time, the players are supposed to help the pigs reach their objectives, by propelling them through a carousel of traps and rewards, collecting stars and building the appropriate vehicle, able to reach the birds’ nests. All this is achieved while the green pigs fly, crawl and fall.

If the game maintains the same cartoon like atmosphere that featured all the Angry Birds series, the game’s scenario has been amended, by the addition of several elements. This is no longer a simple puzzle game. While with Angry Birds, the player’s success was mostly based on luck, more skills are necessary to go through Bad Piggies’ 60 levels, to solve all the 30 puzzles, to gather all 33 objects and reach the ultimate, very difficult and hidden sandbox level.

Just like the preceding successful product, Bad Piggies is accompanied by a whole collection of associated objects adorned by the naughty pigs’ smiley face: pencil tops, plush toys, hoodies, iPhone and iPad covers, notebooks, pencil boxes and so on. All that remains to be done is for players to enjoy the new challenge and for the Finnish game developer to assess the new product’s success.

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