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Scents coming from the other end of the world, oriental flavors, fragrances reminding Oceania, Asia and Africa, grandmother’s recipes, traveling, history, exotic dishes … this is what people think of when the word “spice” is mentioned. Indeed, one of the major attractions any country has is represented by its special cuisine. Many people go home, once the trip has ended, and try to impress their family and friends by a special dish whose recipe they learned while on holiday. However, most of them discover that something is missing. The local spices and herbs are the key to any culinary success.

You go to the local market, but you cannot find those particular beans, roots or leaves. You try the supermarket. You find more options there, but you soon realize the grinded spices have stayed on the selves for a long time and they lost a great part of their flavor. Ethnical markets are a good place where you can buy whole spices that you will grind yourself. Unfortunately, these markets appear only where there are large communities of that origin. This is where the role of the internet and of online shopping becomes obvious.

Plenty of options are available for those who want to bring the flavors of distant countries and cultures into their own kitchen. With its wide selection of spices, herbs and seasonings, but also pepper mills, jars and salt shakers, Penzeys’ website is an established benchmark in this field. Although the shipment is not included in the product’s price for orders coming from outside the United States, they deliver overseas by Express Mail and they also replace damaged or lost packages. Another American major player in the spices online business is World Spice and they also offer international deliveries. However they do not make any refunds in case the parcels are lost, damaged or confiscated by the customs.

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