Wireless Keyboard That Doubles As A Mouse

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If you are looking for an interesting gadget that can play the role of a keyboard and a mouse at the same and something that also has a headset and a place for your microphone, then what you are looking for is the Air Keyboard Chatting. A gadget that will leave you pleasantly impressed on how something so complex can be so easy to use and also very useful.

At first glance, it looks like a small wireless keyboard for your phone or for your tablet but it can be used to chat with friends and family when you are controlling a PC or a home theater. The design makes it very comfortable and offers you a good grip while the light weight makes sure that your hands won’t get sore after too much chatting. If you move it around, you can use it as a mouse and not just as a keyboard; it has two buttons as a mouse and it works pretty much the same. With new batteries, it can go for ten hours if you use it non-stop and the wireless function works for a radius of around 30 meters.

The thing that makes it a cool gadget is the fact that it is great as a gift. It is small and lightweight, it has a good looking design and it has multiple functions. It is the kind of thing that although you may not buy for yourself, you would enjoy it a lot if you get it as a gift. And that is what getting gifts is all about; getting something which you find cool and interesting but at the same time, something which you wouldn’t have got for yourself. If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone who is into computers and chatting in general, this gadget must be on your top 5 list.

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