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There are many types of gifts, but not all gifts have to be physical. For example if you have a friend who lives in another country, you can get them a virtual gift. Virtual gifts can be a pretty interesting way to offer someone something if it is impossible for you to offer a gift to a person. Here are some cool ideas.

If the person who is receiving the gift is a person who likes games you can get them an online subscription for online games. Maybe if they try it they will like it. Another type of gift for a person who likes video games is a monthly subscription for online games magazines. If they already play a game, perhaps extending their monthly subscription is the best thing you can do for them. Also, some games allow users to buy items or other types of equipment for their character with real money. So, you can get them a gift that will actually give them items in the game.

Another type of virtual gifts would be something related to software. Everybody wants to have genuine software. You can buy them downloadable software and simply give them the key to activate it for a period of time.  This can be easily done without any hassle, by using your credit card and buying what type of software you need.

Another type of cool virtual is to buy them online movies; if you know that the person is a move enthusiast, you can buy them a subscription on websites like They will surely love that as they can watch the latest online movies. The same applies for a person who loves books. EBooks are always a great way to show your appreciation so why not buy a bunch of them if they have a kindle. Some websites even offer the possibility of sending them with a cute message, so they will know it’s from you and it would feel more like they are receiving a real book with a nice dedication.  Gift cards are also a great way to show your appreciation and with a gift card they end up buying whatever they want.

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