Gift Ideas for Very Young Boys

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Your child has received another invitation to a birthday party. He is delighted and he speaks only about it: there may be clowns, and a giant cake, all his friends from school or kindergarten will be there. What about the gift? As it is always the case when such an invitation arrives, it is your job as a parent to wonder what to buy for the birthday boy and it is not easy to find an original and fun gift for a child whom you do not know or you know too little.

Box games

Games sets are extremely popular with youngsters. They have always been and they will always be because each game creates a special world in which children enter joyfully. Therefore, kids who receive a game will certainly enjoy playing it with their family. After all, spending quality time with their family… isn’t this the most beautiful gift? However,
be aware that there is no box games for children under the age of three as, before this age, they are not able to understand any strict rules and focus on any goal.

Creative toys

There are, obviously, countless other types of games and toys and each one helps children develop skills and appeal to their interests. However, there are classics, sometimes slightly revived, that will always show a spark in the little fellow’s eyes. The essential wooden or plastic, small, medium or giant, differently shaped blocks, accompanied by figures and characters are available in all sorts of styles, to suit anyone’s tastes, especially those of toddlers.

Legos are suitable for boys over the age of 6. For generations, these small blocks are a delight for children and adults. You can find just about anything from robots and animals to Star Wars, Harry Potter and superheroes and you will help the future electronic engineers increase their mental performance.

Musical games are another timeless option. Whether you choose an instrument (guitar, drum, etc.), “sound and light” cars or just games that “make noise” (like the famous plastic farm and its animals), you will certainly make the little one happy. Of course, parents get tired quickly of this kind of toy, but after all, what counts is that the child is happy, isn’t it?

Nerf games provide kids with plastic weapons they have to build themselves. Once the gun or bazooka, or rifle mounted, large foam balls are used as ammunition to allow a great battle between all the kids in the alley.

Toys for energetic kids

Of course, we must not forget those little boys full of energy who feel the need to play, move, jump, run and leap all the time. There are also toys that would help toddlers spend all their energy in order to sleep well and to give some break to their parents. A tricycle is such a classic idea that you have to check first that the child doesn’t already have one. A wood or plastic bowling set is also traditional, but it will certainly delight the little ones and their parents, until they have had enough with picking up the pins.

When they are over 4, little boys are ready for anything: bike, windsurfing gear, roller blades, ice skates, scooters … Whatever you choose, you will make him happy! Try to remember the helmet, kneepads and elbow pads as these little daredevils are not afraid of anything.

However, you should know that no matter what gift you choose, there are great chances that the child will be happy, simply because you thought of him and, especially, because he has a new toy. And, if despite all these suggestions, you still do not know what to buy, remember that a good book is always an option… although it will not be too much appreciated by the youngster.

But, if possible, leave out all the electronic games, DVDs and mp3 players, not because it is a bad idea or because the child will not like them. He will certainly adore you for bringing him the latest version of a combat or football game, but there are high chances that someone else has already thought about it. Moreover, it is important to enable young people to develop their creativity, imagination, social skills and dexterity … all of which are rarely stimulated in front of a screen!

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