Pay Your Way to Your Friends Walls

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Are you annoyed when your posts remain unnoticed? Do you want to prevent them from sinking in the ocean of messages that appear daily on Facebook walls? Well, the famous social network has recently launched a new paid service which allows users to have their posts ranked up on their friends’ timeline.

This comes as a response to a complaint expressed by those Facebook users with an important amount of active friends. If a lot of messages have been posted recently or new comments have been made on old posts, an announcement you wrote just a few hours ago may get buried as if it was a few months old. The sponsored publication – whether it refers to the photos you took on your last holiday, to an ad that you are looking for roommates or for somebody to reimburse the tickets for the concert you are unable to attend because of a business dinner – will be propelled higher in the your friends’ news feeds.

This new service that has already been tested in New Zealand since May, and then in a dozen of other countries, will be marketed for seven dollars per sponsored publication, according to the specialized website Techcrunch. This new offer is for personal use only, and is limited to Facebook users with less than 5000 users. Businesses users can already promote their publications since May, but the advertising prices vary depending on the audience they want to reach.

Is this another attempt Mark Zuckerberg is making to monetize its audience? After their failed IPO, Facebook has been struggling to convince investors that the number one social network is not just a trend and that it has the potential and ability to generate income. So far, it seems that Twitter earns more with their mobile advertising project.

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