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Babies are fun to have around, they laugh and they are silly because they are…babies. However, they do cry when they don’t get what they want and that can be tough, especially if the thing they want is your iPhone. Sure, you can give your iPhone to your baby, but that can end up being one of the worst mistakes you ever do as phones have germs and babies do put them in their mouths, but it can also be risky because they might simply get upset and throw it on the floor. Fortunately, there is one device that makes giving your iPhone to your child a safe practice; it is called Laugh and Learn Baby iPhone Case and it definitely is something parents with babies everywhere need to buy. It does what it says too, you simply connect it to your iPhone, or better said, you put your iPhone inside, and you have a cool toy for your kid while the phone is protected. You can check out the demo here.

The device has a sort of compartment that allows you to make sure that everything inside is safe. You lock the phone inside and it manages to protect it from water, teething and even drops, but it also locks it from calling anyone so you won’t have to stress about the fact that the child might call somebody at work and shout at the phone. Since you can download various apps for iPhone it’s easy to make sure that you also do something extremely educative. The device has cool handle with colorful beads and even a mirror to give your little one extra fun. It is compatible with all types of iPhone and also all types of iPad so whatever gadget you have, you can be sure that it will remain safe while your child plays with it. And it comes with two types to lock it, you can block all apps or you can leave them open if you think your kid is available to switch between them.

So if you want something that will make a fun toy out of your iPhone the Laugh and Learn Baby iPhone Case is definitely the solution to spend quality time with your child.

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