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Badges no longer represent something you used to be excited about as a kid, nor something you got for doing good deeds as a scout, they have established themselves as a trendy fashion accessory and are here to stay. So if the only badge you know is something you got at the last elections then you better freshen up you accessories.

Watches, wallets, a necklace or bracelet are the most common things people associate with accessories, badges are rarely though of and even more rarely worn. However this seems to be changing, and in the last couple of years badges have made their appearance in everything, from chic fashion to the latest urban wear.

Their biggest characteristic, and probably the one that made them so popular is their versatility. You can promote, express or associate nearly anything with a badge. It can work if you want to express concern or raise awareness about certain diseases social issues or just something that needs mass attention. Many foundations that promote cancer awareness or are raising funds for HIV/AIDS research have used badges as a way to promote their cause. This amazing way to promote events and products while giving people an accessory they actually enjoy has been seized by many brands and corporations who promote their products via this amazing idea.

The power of this cool accessory isn’t only promotion. It can establish certain generational trends, and be a cheap and easy way to express certain feeling and preferences when it comes to pop culture. Music, movies, books or events can be promoted as well as used to express uniqueness and the character and preferences of their wearer. They aren’t simply used by marketing teams to promote something, they are sometime created by fans to express their love and appreciation for bands or movies.

Often badges subtly hint at pop culture by promoting popular quotes and relevant pictures. They can also offer social commentary and express support or opposition to certain causes like equal rights for homosexuals or anti-war sentiments.

For a small little accessory, badges are a really powerful fashion item that we often overlook but that has carved itself a spot in fashion history.

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