Online Shopping with Digital Natives

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The term “digital natives” refers to any person who has incorporated technology while growing up. According to specialists, this could be anyone born in the 80s and afterwards, but the true generation of digital natives online shoppers is represented today by those aged under 25 as they were the witnesses of the most relevant advances in this field. Consequently, they have developed different ways of thinking, analyzing, evaluating, sharing, searching and behaving than the older generation. Their shopping habits and preferences are also distinct.

They have developed themselves as persons in a world where the answer to any question can immediately be found using a search engine. Therefore, they tend to perform online researches before making their purchase decision. They guide their behavior as consumers by the likes and dislikes their peers expressed on a product via the social networks. This puts a stronger emphasis on online reviews, blogs and other types of experience sharing that companies willing to trade their products via the web must address.

Although they grew up with technology and they seem to have incorporated all forms of e-commerce, they also use brick and mortar shops. When it comes to online shopping, they prefer online retailers over multi-channel traders for the mere reason that they want to feel special. However, this does not mean that they totally reject shopping via multi-channel online stores and these marketers have good perspectives provided they adapt their communication and advertising strategies as they have the economic power to come with personalized promotions and discounts.

For this generation, the marketplace is infinite. It is no longer restricted to what they can find in their local shops. They know very well how to handle all the tools offered by e-trade and they are willing to wait for the products they buy to be shipped from the other end of the world as long as it has all the features they want it to have. They are keen on the difference the chosen product makes as well as on price.

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