Retailers Advantages for Using Groupon

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Groupon is the major one deal a day type of site operating in many countries and offering large discounts (from 50 to 90% off the normal retail price) on a wide variety of products. If for end users, the advantages are obvious, Groupon also provides the retailers whose products are the deals’ subject a series of advantages such as advertising, stock release and increase in number of the customers’ data base.

Groupon works very efficiently as an advertising form because it reaches a large number of potential customers. Even if they do not purchase the respective product or service, they look at the deal and become aware of the type of retail business you are handling. It is also a positive advertising because Groupon has its fans and they appreciate those retailers who are ready to make Groupon deals.

If you have a large stock of unsold products, making a Groupon deal may be the right solution to get rid of it. Sometimes warehousing prices are so high that it makes is more profitable to undersell in order to liberate space. However, if you haven’t had too much success with the respective product, there are high chances you don’t exhaust your stocks even by using Groupon.

An enhanced number of customers is another advantage that can come from making a deal with this site. There is a possibility that customers who try your products or services at a very low rate will come back because they were satisfied with their quality and will be willing to pay the standard price in order to get what they want. However, a great part of Groupon customers are deal seekers and brand loyalty is not their strong point. Thus, they will go to the same site the next day to look for another advantageous deal and they will not become loyal customers any time soon.

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