The Gadget That Lets You Take Pictures With Your Fingers

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Remember when you were a kid and you were taking pictures with your fingers? We all did it and we imaged that we had a camera in our hand although the pictures were just made in our mind. It seems that technology has final caught up with this idea and now you can actually take a picture by just moving your fingers in the classic motion we are all used to.

This gadget is known as the Air Clicker and it is made out of two parts that fit on the thumb and on the forefinger. The one on the thumb actually has a camera and the other one works as the shoot button when the user bends his finger. The concept is quite easy and fun but you do have to remember that there is no way to see the picture when you take; you just have to wait until you download them to see the final result. This can mean that you might need to take several air pictures to make sure that you get it right.

Aside from giving you the option to take pictures with your fingers, the Air Clicker can also record videos. It all depends on the way you choose the hold your finger. For the camera mode, you just have to create a semicircle with your fingers and it will just start recording. It is so easy that it is an amazing gadget for everyone. The images or videos are stored on it and can be accessed via Bluetooth with your laptop. There is no information yet released on the resolution of the camera and quality of the pictures but the concept is truly amazing.

There is a lot of excitement regarding this cool new gadget because it simply has everything it needs to attract attention; it is small and modern, easy to use and very innovative despite the fact that many of us have already practiced taking pictures with our fingers at some point in our lives. There is also no information regarding price range or battery life so I guess that we will just have to wait and see how good this gadget actually is when it officially comes out.

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