Ninja Remote Stealth Television Gadget and IR Jammer

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There are a lot of situations when the wrong person has the remote control for the TV and maybe you don’t want to watch the same thing. Usually, there is nothing to do in this scenario and you have to watch some bad TV show or just leave. It seems that a large number of people have this problem and the response is finally here, the Ninja Remote Gadget. This little remote control can give back the power of the TV and you can finally watch what you want or just have some jokes around with your friends.

The main role of this gadget is to control the TV from the shadows, without anyone seeing you, and making them wonder if the TV is broken.  It has all the needed controls but it is also quite small so you can easily hide it in your pocket to avoid detection. It is compatible with every TV, including the new HDTVs thanks to the upgraded TV codes that make this Ninja Remote a very useful gadget to have around.

The very powerful IR LEDs give you the power to control any TV in a 400 feet range. With such great power, there is surely a lot of fun to be had and your friends will quickly believe that their TVs have been possessed or just broken. Changing the channel in the middle of a big sporting event can always be fun and you will be the only one that knows what is happening.

Apart from the standard buttons, the Ninja Remote also has a few special features that make it even more fun. The first one is a jam button that will stop any other remote from working so that you can have the absolute power without them even knowing about it. The other special feature is a “bomb” button that will make the TV change channels as well as the volume at random for a set duration so you can just activate it and watch chaos unfold.

As a plus, this useful gadget is also compatible with most digital cameras so you can also use it is a shatter remote.

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