Porsche Tabletop Clock

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The problem with having friends who love cars is the fact that you can never make them happy on their birthday, you will not be able to buy them the car they really want and even if you are a multimillionaire; that might seem too much of a gift. So you are left with a few things that you can buy them, but after buying them all the posters, the video games that involve cars and tickets to the best events what’s left? This little thing should be exactly what they need when they want to remember their favorite car, a Porsche Tabletop Clock. It looks nice, sleek and it will celebrate this loved automobile. Perhaps you might even get yourself one too if you share their love for cars. This is definitely a nice companion for someone who likes to be near their passion. Since you can’t sleep with the car inside the house, little things that would remind you of it will have to work. Also, your friend or you might not afford a Porsche right this moment so this is the perfect gift to give to yourself or them just to keep optimistic about your future car.

The Porsche Tabletop Clock has been crafted to look just like the speedometer of a Porsche 911 and if you have other Porsche memorabilia it will look great along with things that might make a complete car dash set. It’s a cool way to make sure that you don’t go late and will definitely brighten your day whenever you wake up in the morning besides it.

If you don’t want an analog Porsche watch, it comes with a digital display under the center of the dial so it’s easier to use. The watch comes with a lot of features it shows a second time zone, it has an alarm function and timer functions. Also, it seems that the alarm is the best part about it, it sounds just like a Porsche.  If you love being woken up by the sound of a Porsche engine, you will surely fall in love with this watch.

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