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The SwiMP3 player is your combo for underwater listening to music. Perhaps you are a professional athlete and you always wanted you could swim while listening to music or perhaps you just love to take a swim for exercise from time to time. No matter which one of these people you are, the SwiMP3 player is an excellent gadget that will be extremely useful for a lot of people. Actually, you don’t even have to swim but now you can actually listen to music during heavy rain and don’t have to worry about. Or perhaps that dream of getting soaked in the bathtub while listening to classic music is not that far away and that without the risk of electrocuting yourself. The SwiMP3 player is the best gadget out there and will definitely become a very famous concept in the future because more and more people can find its utility. Just think about how cool it is to listen to your favorite music while swimming, or taking a nap in the hot tub.

The problem with listening to music underwater was usually the impediment of being in water and you couldn’t have used the normal MP3 players, even if they were waterproof,, because hearing when you are underwater is hard or distorted. However, the SwiMP3 is different. The SwiMp3 is the best waterproof MP3 player that uses a very interesting audio transmission technique – the bone conduction audio transmission technology. With this technology you will be able to listen to music with high quality sound, underwater.

It comes with cool features too, for about 100 dollars you get a 2GB storage waterproof high quality MP3 player that is capable of storing about 500 songs and is also compatible with multiple types of files. It can also be easily recharged because it uses a lithium-ion battery. With one recharge you will be able to listen to music for about 8 hours, which we consider is enough because by that time you will already be tired from all that swimming. The MP3 can be plugged in your computer with the help of an USB plug to charge and put music on it, but make sure you do it while it’s dry.

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