Bartendro Robot Bartender

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This is probably every guy’s dream. It’s your own little alcohol making butler. Yes, you read that correctly the Bartendro Robot Bartender is your bartender at home. This little thing will have you busy without going out and will surely impress any girl you decide to bring home. Bartendro over here will not just make your drinks but it will always be at home, waiting for you and knowing exactly what you need after a long hard day at work. This means that you come home and with a press of a button choose whatever drink you feel like drinking that day. There is no need to make a mess and you can spend the time you would have spent mixing drinks with your friends while your personal robot bartender makes awesome drinks.  Actually, you can get this baby even if you have a restaurant as it manages to make a pretty good job on his own without any human help. That scenario involving robots conquering humans sounds pretty legit right now. It seems that the Bartendro will be able to produce up to 200 drinks per night even if you choose the smaller 3 dispenser. Imagine what a 15 dispenser could do. And you don’t need to measure anything and you can leave it up to Bartendro. Also, Bartendro doesn’t require a paycheck every month or medical insurance. It also never drinks on the job or comes tired at work. It’s absolutely perfect.

But let’s say you are just a regular guy thinking about buying a cool thing like this. Just think of all the possibilities. You get to choose your favorite cocktail from a menu and you will have it in no time. A lot of people don’t drink their favorite cocktails at home because it takes a lot to make them, but not if you have Bartendro around.

The way you can obtain Bartendro is by choosing a kit and make it yourself or buying one premade with approximately $700. But there is no price in the world that could match the awesomeness of this cool little gadget, not to mention the look on your friends’ faces.

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