Wearing An Expensive Rolex Watch

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When people think about expensive and famous watches, Rolex is probably the first brand that pops in their mind and there’s no reason why that shouldn’t happen, since they are one of the most advertised brands out there. The feeling of wearing an expensive Rolex watch is definitely something really unique but buying one of these watches can prove to be a struggle.

First of all, Rolex doesn’t have a lot of items made for their really expensive collections with price tag of over $50,000 this is one of the main reasons why most people never come close to one of their watches. They also sell the very limited edition watches only to famous people or people who have a certain social status to maintain their elitist approach. There are also a limited number of watches in every store across the world and people can spend weeks and even months before getting their item. So, when it comes to Rolex, they know how to make their brand really special among others and give people the feeling that they are unique and definitely have a special status for managing to wear one of their products.

Another impediment when buying a Rolex watch is definitely their price. According to horologue.com a lot of the low price watches are a few thousand dollars, which is a lot for the average person. Not most of us afford to pay one month salary on a watch. But this is just a part of their collection. The other part, the limited editions and the watches with special features can even go up to $100,000 and when your watch cost as much as a house you will probably feel a bit reluctant about buying it. However, rich people will give that amount of money for such a status symbol like this Paul Newman Daytona.


The truth is that Rolex is definitely a brand that identifies with our culture. If we look in the past we will see how it managed to gain popularity by being advertised by role models. This is how Rolex not only set an example for elegance, but also set an example for people wanting to look in a certain way in their social circle. Buying a Rolex would definitely give you something special, perhaps is the brand, perhaps is their beautiful design, but the truth is that accessorizing yourself with a beautiful Rolex watch means that everybody will notice what great taste you have.

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