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Astrology is a highly mystical domain attracting many people’s interest. Even those who state that they do not believe in horoscopes or that astrology does not interest them, read the horoscopes to satisfy their curiosity, just for fun or, maybe, to find some good news. So for those who believe or not believe, here are some ideas that would help you choose the perfect ring for jewelry lovers, according to their zodiac sign.


The representatives of this sign are very impulsive, energetic and lively. Therefore, the best choice for them -is a simply shaped ring, decorated with a diamond terse and leaving room for imagination. Another option is a ring with a discrete smooth surface and a gem – diamond or zirconium. They can choose translucent yellow or red stones. A common jewelry motif for this zodiac sign is the brilliant stone on a light metallic bottom.


The natives of this earth sign will always choose the most precious jewels and they love colored stones in green and blue tones: topaz, turquoise. Therefore, a gift for them should respect these guidelines. In addition, Taurus is attracted by a combination of a few gems mixed in one piece of jewelry. The rings for the zodiac’s bulls are made of white gold, platinum or other artistically polished metal.


A ring for the dynamic and vivid representatives of this sign can be inexpensive, but it must be original and bear an unusual design. It should have a modern form and be decorated with large stones. Gemini love dynamic life, so that should be reflected in the jewelry you want to offer them. This may be a ring composed of several discrete components or with a drop shaped flexible pendant.


Those who are born under this sign are gentle and dreamy, so “quieter” models of rings would make the perfect gift for them. The stones should not be too flashy as the cold brilliance and shine of diamonds is not for them. They prefer matt stones: opal, pearl, coral, moonstone and they like white gold and silver.


The fierce animals of the zodiac will appreciate in particular the origin and the unique story behind the jewelry. Therefore, if you want to please such a woman or man, it is worth ordering a signature ring. The Lions also like to display items that were received as an inheritance. So, if your daughter’s or wife’s birthday is coming up, don’t hesitate to offer her your grandmother’s ring. Women particularly enjoy having their initials engraved on a piece of jewelry, but you can also go for items decorated with antique motifs. Diamonds, rubies and citrine yellow amber are their favorite gems.


The innocent girls of the horoscope will prefer rings that are not particularly special and expensive, the ring you offer such a women must be adorned with a complex model composed of transverse metal mosaics as they love solving puzzles, even in jewelry. If you want to choose a ring decorated with stones, go for the subtle agate, yellow sapphire, jasper, turquoise or rose quartz.


The duality of their sign is reflected in their tastes for jewelry as well. Therefore, a ring intended to be a gift for the representatives of this sign must be composed of two parts. An important symbol is represented by the connection element linking the two parties. Libra natives love harmony everywhere so the best choice for them is a stylized ring, for example, tree branches, a pair of birds etc. The stones adorning the jewelry must come also in pairs and they can be colorful, but it is desirable that they are equivalent in terms of weight and brightness.


Scorpios prefer rings that have a complex and unusual shape. Carved stones in unusual shapes are a good choice as the slogan of this zodiac sign is transformation. So, you can choose adaptable rings as the Scorpios have a great pleasure in changing the position of the ring on their fingers. Anyway, their gift should feature brightly colored stones: ruby, yellow topaz and orange sapphire.


A broad nature, this sign’s natives require expressive forms of rings on their fingers. Jewels must be large in order to reflect their vast horizons and decorated with massive stones such as aquamarine, amethyst and sapphire.


The representatives of this sign can be indifferent to modern things, but they can not pass by without stopping at least to watch antique jewelry. Therefore, this is the perfect choice for a gift. They love rings with simple shapes in gray stone. However, when choosing a ring, you should pay attention to the stone, its shape, color and size. This can be a very rare stone or an unusual crystal, extracted from the depths of the sea or of the mountains.


The natives of this sign of freedom will appreciate a ring that reflects their erratic personality traits. First of all, jewelry should be interesting, meaningful and not very expensive. In addition, it must be innovative in its form and content. For example, the ring should be decorated with a stone that changes its color according to body temperature or lighting. Thus, jewelry should be multifunctional. For example, a ring-watch, a ring-hologram, a ring-thermometer. However, there is no question of the choice of certain gemstones as they like unique things and original ideas.


Sensitive and mysterious, those born under this sign look to jewelry with a special love. Often, they wear the same ring because it is associated with sentimental memories. Their rich inner world is expressed even in the choice of a ring, which may be a a round or oval reminiscent of a shell or a reminder of the sea wave. However, when choosing a gift for the representatives of this sign, you should avoid stones with sharp corners. It is better to favor teardrop shaped clear stones and the delicate colors of water. Good choices for these water lovers are silver rings decorated with coral or pearls.

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