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Who doesn’t need a good scanner? If you were looking for a way to keep your documents and your things on your hard drive, this is it, although it is smaller than you imagined. However, this is what makes this cool gift such a cool gift after all. The fact that you can take it anywhere is the best thing ever. Sure, there will be a lot of elbow grease from your part or the person who receives this gift because it can be pretty hard to scan an entire A4 page, but the gadget is cool and that’s definitely worth it. The scanner is actually pretty fast and it would take a few seconds to scan an A4 page anyway.

This cool little thing actually looks like a cute USB drive as it measures only 3.5 x1 x0.78 inches and weighs about 2 ounces.  It’s a great way to scan things from the paper that might interest you or even some parts of your written course so that you may stock in your PC or phone. However, the most important aspect of this cool little thing is the fact that very few would buy it for themselves but many would like to, which makes it the perfect gift. Another thing that makes it the perfect gift is the fact that it’s pretty inexpensive, under $100 so you get to buy your friend a cool thing that will definitely appreciate for a smaller amount of money than you would have spent on a gift anyway.

This cute USB Mini Scanner does come with a slightly annoying problem; it has to be connected to a PC in order to work properly, which kind of takes away from its portability. However, you can connect it to your laptop so that’s always a solution and since many of us have to carry a laptop everyday with us, this seems like a normal solution anyway.

The USB Mini Scanner comes with a 300 dpi contact image sensor, a 2.12 inch scanning width, 47.25 inch scanning length, a 35 inch cable and comes with its own software.

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