Great Gifts For Movie Enthusiasts

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Everybody loves movies, but there are some people who really have a passion for them. These people would be extremely happy if you would follow the next tips when buying them gifts.

A collection of classic movies – This is a wonderful idea and any movie lover would appreciate it. It can be a bunch of DVDs arranged in a pretty box. Something that includes titles like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, A Clockwork Orange , Silence of the Lambs, etc. If the person also has a passion for the history of movies, you could get them a collection of movies from the Golden Era like 30’s silent movies or something similar. They will definitely appreciate that since those are rare pieces they can add to their collection.

If they are watching movies on their PC get them a cool BluRay player so that they can enjoy the experience differently.  Also, if you plan on spending a lot of money, you can get them some cool accessories like really high definition speakers and they will surely be impressed by the thoughtfulness behind your gift. You can’t have a BluRay player without the BluRay movies so make sure that you get a bunch of movies too. This is a great gift because you can also enjoy it when you visit them so it’s a win-win situation especially if more people contribute to it.

A collection of all blockbusters from the last 2 years – this might need a little more planning but you will surely make them happy. Also, include the uncut versions of the movies or those with alternate endings. If the person prefers certain genres you can choose only those you think they might like. A nice idea would be to add notes in each DVD case telling them how wonderful they are and why you love being their friend.

Getting a present for a movie enthusiast shouldn’t be too hard since they only want movies. You can even try and give them a home popcorn machine as a gift. They usually start from 50 dollars so it’s a great gift for all price ranges.

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