The Cigarette Lighter Phone Case

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The iPhone seems to offer everything, there’s an app for any sort of interaction or service out there. Now, you can have something even better, if you are a smoker. The Cigarette Lighter iPhone Case brings a whole new level of functionality to your phone by adding a lighter option to it. The way it does this is through the…


Fridgeezoo Fridge Pets

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If you ever thought that your fridge lacks the cuteness factor, these little animals are the best treat to give yourself. They can also be an excellent gift for a friend, any type of friend as well as being an excellent addition to your fridge. Besides being cute, they are also extremely useful because they actually interact with their owner….

Wearing An Expensive Rolex Watch

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When people think about expensive and famous watches, Rolex is probably the first brand that pops in their mind and there’s no reason why that shouldn’t happen, since they are one of the most advertised brands out there. The feeling of wearing an expensive Rolex watch is definitely something really unique but buying one of these watches can prove to…



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If you are missing the old stationary phone, you can have that experience back with the help of your iPhone. The iFusion is a device that can prove to be very useful in a home or business environment, particularly for those that are experiencing a bit of nostalgia over the classic stationary phone and its versatility.  The iFusion is one…


Aeropress Coffee Maker

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For some coffee is indeed one of the most important meals of the day. There have been numerous books, numerous shows and numerous articles written about coffee and what constitutes a good one. One thing is certain: it’s pretty hard to obtain a great cup of coffee at home that is unless you are going to buy some very expensive…


Water Proof Nano-Fabric

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In a move that can change the way we perceive clothing Swiss researchers from the University of Zurich have developed a surface that is so hydrophobic that water can actually bounce off it. The new nano-fabric, which is basically a polyester fabric that has been coated with millions of small particles of silicone, has managed to withstand some harsh water…

Shop for Toys Online

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Almost any Internet user knows where to go to buy a book, a DVD or a concert ticket online. This is less clear when searching for a Barbie doll or for a Batmobile. Toys are usually bought in brick-and-mortar stores, frequently under the pressure of endless hysterical crying. However, there are great opportunities you can take advantage from if you…

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Gifts For Cooking Enthusiasts

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With all the TV shows about cooking, all the books out there, and all the tasty cuisines in the world, there’s no wonder why so many people are hooked to cooking. The great thing about this hobby is the fact that anybody around them can enjoy so if you actually buy somebody who has this hobby a gift, the whole…

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College Graduation Gifts

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It is customary to offer gifts to people who just finished their college as a way to help them in their new stage of life. There are a lot of gifts you can offer somebody who just finishes college, depending on their taste and life style, of course. Books are great gifts for people who like reading and just finished…

Personalized Gifts For Kids

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Children are often hard to satisfy, especially when it comes to gifts. But they will always appreciate a personalized gift that they can show to their friends and brag about. There are several unique gifts you can buy for children, but the following are the most popular. Personalized books are a great way to make your kid feel special. They…

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