Panono Panoramic Camera

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The Panono Panoramic Camera is a real change in the way we perceive photography. A lot of huge tech companies have started making 360 degree photos a reality with the help of products like Google’s Photosphere, Photosynth from Microsoft or the iPhone’s Motrr Galileo robotic cradle. With the increasing computing power of smartphones these will surely become more popular and easier to use, however, a common flaw in all these apps or products is the long time it will take for you to snap a panoramic photo.

The Panono Panoramic ball camera came about exactly because of the somewhat difficult process of snapping a panoramic photo through conventional means. The inventor of the Panono, Jonas Pfeil, noticed how a simple sightseeing trip was extended because of the amount of time it took him to snap a number of panoramic photos.

His problems led him to invent the Panono, a spherical shaped panoramic camera that is comprised of 36 individual panoramic camera modules as well as an accelerometer. Pfeil made the Panono his master’s thesis at the Technical University of Berlin and managed to construct his prototype back in 2011.

The current model has a diameter of 11 cm or 4.33 inches although the creators behind the product announce that a smaller version will be available. The weight is somewhere at 300 grams. The camera’s surface will contain little more than the 36 camera modules. It will have a shutter button on top of the camera and on the bottom a USB slot to allow easy access as well as a tripod mount even though the main attraction to the Panono Panoramic Camera is the fact that it is a throwable camera.

The outer shell of the camera is constructed from a strong, scratch resistant poly-carbonate that will also be easy to clean and streak free.

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