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If you are missing the old stationary phone, you can have that experience back with the help of your iPhone. The iFusion is a device that can prove to be very useful in a home or business environment, particularly for those that are experiencing a bit of nostalgia over the classic stationary phone and its versatility.  The iFusion is one…


Aeropress Coffee Maker

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For some coffee is indeed one of the most important meals of the day. There have been numerous books, numerous shows and numerous articles written about coffee and what constitutes a good one. One thing is certain: it’s pretty hard to obtain a great cup of coffee at home that is unless you are going to buy some very expensive…


Water Proof Nano-Fabric

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In a move that can change the way we perceive clothing Swiss researchers from the University of Zurich have developed a surface that is so hydrophobic that water can actually bounce off it. The new nano-fabric, which is basically a polyester fabric that has been coated with millions of small particles of silicone, has managed to withstand some harsh water…

JLab JBuds

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If you enjoy music and you desire to immerse yourself in your favorite songs even on the go, then you should take a look at this small cool gadget that will truly enrich your music experience, the JLab JBuds J3 Micro Atomic Earphones with Rugged Designer Travel Case.  These small little headphones will act like your own personal, portable boom…


Nikon 1 AW1

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We’ve all been dreaming of the perfect camera and apparently it has been created by Nikon. It is called the Nikon 1 AW1, a camera that comes with features we would have hardly imagined a few years ago. This camera is a mirrorless camera that will survive even the most dangerous attempts to take a cool photo. You can drop…

SwiMP3 player

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The SwiMP3 player is your combo for underwater listening to music. Perhaps you are a professional athlete and you always wanted you could swim while listening to music or perhaps you just love to take a swim for exercise from time to time. No matter which one of these people you are, the SwiMP3 player is an excellent gadget that…

The Kapture – Audio Recording Wristband

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The Kapture Audio Recording Wristband can be your dream, or your nightmare. It can record some of the most delightful conversations but it can also record conversations where you might be in the wrong. However, it is quite a useful little gadget, especially if you are fighting with your wife and you are trying to analyze her illogical argument with…

Laugh & Learn Baby iPhone Cover

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Babies are fun to have around, they laugh and they are silly because they are…babies. However, they do cry when they don’t get what they want and that can be tough, especially if the thing they want is your iPhone. Sure, you can give your iPhone to your baby, but that can end up being one of the worst mistakes…

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USB Mini Scanner

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Who doesn’t need a good scanner? If you were looking for a way to keep your documents and your things on your hard drive, this is it, although it is smaller than you imagined. However, this is what makes this cool gift such a cool gift after all. The fact that you can take it anywhere is the best thing…

Rovio Makes the Pigs Fly

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After its huge success with Angry Birds, the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment launched on September 27th a new addictive game, called Bad Piggies. This product already available on iOS, Android and Mac platforms and for which Windows and Windows Phone versions will be issued in the future brings a change of perspective. As Mikael Hed, Rovio’s CEO put it, Bad…


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